It was a Wednesday. Hump day. Hmph day, if you ask me. It was a Wednesday. As ordinary a Wednesday as has ever been, when he walked into my life. He said something nice and, feeling charitable, I replied. It was a Wednesday and I wasn’t expecting anything. Certainly not to meet the love of my life. I didn’t want to be rude, and so I said something else. I may have injected a little bit of charm into my statement, I may have added a touch of flirt. It was a Wednesday – what else was there to do? He turned out to be funny and I liked laughing. I like laughing. He makes me laugh. I love this man so much. He turned out to be funny and I felt like laughing. He turned out to be smart, too. I had been having a lot of luck with men at the time. They all seemed to be smart. None of them had been smart and funny, so I thought I’d keep talking. I wasn’t looking for anything. I was just talking. I mean, it was a lazy Wednesday afternoon and I thought to myself, what else am I doing? I don’t know where the time went. Wednesday afternoon turned into Wednesday night. And, really, in no time at all, Wednesday afternoon turned into Thursday morning. I’m not entirely convinced I’d done anything but laugh all day. Did I eat? I don’t know. I don’t know much. I couldn’t tell you what we talked about. What pair of budding lovers can? The conversation is never as important as being together, and that’s what we were doing. That’s all that we did. If I’m honest, I knew from that first conversation. Oh, they tell you that when you meet your person that you’ll just know. But who ever believes them, whoever they are? But if I’m honest (and I’m trying to be honest), I knew from the first conversation. He finished my sentences. God. How cliché. And yet, it happened that way and I cannot deny it. I met him on a Wednesday and by Thursday I knew I was in trouble. Except it wasn’t really trouble, it was love. I met him on a Wednesday and by Thursday, I knew I was in love. And so I ran.

There. I said it. Your turn.

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