The hardest conversations are usually the most important.

Racism exists and it is prevalent everywhere.

Discrimination against women is still institutionalised.

LGBTQI communities are still fighting their civil rights battle.

Fear and hate of Muslims is becoming an accepted attitude in society.

Hate speech has been given a home on the internet.

African might as well mean poor and irrelevant.

The Middle Class is a fun idea that used to exist.

Old, white, straight, Christian men still run the world.

The world is a big place. It is complicated and frustrating. Too many people have too many opinions and everyone is screaming to get heard. It sometimes seems as though progress will never be made.

I have no influence, no contacts and no ability to change anything. Except I believe in the power of discussion.

This blog is my way of getting us talking about the hard things. And maybe starting to change a few of them.

Twitter: @plumandmustard || @thereisaiditorg

There. I said it. Your turn.

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